When I first started my blog I had one, single thing in mind – I wanted to inspire people. Whether that be to try a new lipstick shade, travel somewhere they have always longed to visit or to put effort into styling an outfit. To me, the act of inspiring meant that I was helping someone find the ability to make an aspect of their life beautiful.

So when a new, local boutique, BLUvintage contacted me to collaborate on a shoot geared toward helping her customers see that her store caters to ALL shapes and sizes…I was like….Helllllooo?! Of course I was about it! Number 1) Shopping local is an amazing way to support small businesses – which I’m all about. Number 2) Their merch is g o r g…(you’ll see). Number 3) I can wear the same exact top as my bff who has the shape of a Victoria’s Secret model because they offer so many diverse fits. Honestly, the list goes on, but let me tell you about this place first –

BLUvintage is all about a country to coastal style, a gal that loves “laid back luxe”. (Who doesn’t?) You can literally find anything from hip festival wear, chic summer clothes to business casual for you workin’ ladies out there. If you’re an accessory freak like me, the jewelry is to die for. I seriously want it all. Bathing suits, beach towels & suits, sunnies, Sanuk’s…Honestly, you just need to see for yourself!

IMG_4143IMG_4147IMG_4151I’m obsessed with cold shoulders right now…who isn’t? It just adds something fun to your normal top. The soft pink flowy vibe this has going on is SO comfortable, yet chic at the same time. One of the coolest parts? I sized down in it because it runs loose!IMG_4175IMG_4288IMG_4292Does this not look like it belongs on the cover or front page of something? It’s adorable! The fab ladies beside me are wearing the perfect dresses for summer anddd…plot twist…so am I! I actually have a dress on, but I wanted to style it a bit differently into a knotted blouse. Voilà! Would you ever know? Probably not and that’s the beauty of it! BLUvintage offers a bunch of clothing that has the ability to be styled in a few different ways depending on what you feel comfortable with.IMG_4319Here’s a little sneak peak for ya so you can see what BLU is working with! Long rock pendant necklaces, druzy quartz earrings and fun Blu Paw bracelets! Look, here!IMG_4323IMG_4337Fourth of July ready in these looks aren’t we?! Red, White & BLU..See what I did there…My top could even be worn as a dress for smaller figured ladies and for us curvy gals, don’t be afraid to style a short dress as a long top! I’m all about the versatility.IMG_4341IMG_4407IMG_4412This is exactly what I was talking about! All different body shapes, but look at us! We are rocking these OTS floral tops. This was one of my favorite looks from the shoot because it screams summer. Yet again, trendy AF by baring shoulders and theeee perfect fit to my curves.IMG_4421It is so refreshing to see a shop catering to not just one group of women, but all shapes and sizes. More often than not a healthy curve isn’t accommodated adequately. I can truthfully say when entering BLUvintage I felt EXCITED. Just knowing my selections weren’t limited and I had so much opportunity to find clothes that made me feel confident and stylish was a breath of fresh air.IMG_4503

These lovely photos were done by Amber Knab. Don’t forget to follow BLUvintage on Instagram, here to see their latest updates and new arrivals!