My readers,

My decorating style is nothing short of eclectic. Mix and match furniture, various color schemes and vintage pieces; somehow it all seems to cohesively come together. I have endless ideas and inspiration that I constantly want to come to fruition and then I have to remind myself: Ok Jaqlyn, you live in a studio apartment, there is only so much you’re working with over here. BUT – there is one thing that is absolutely achievable…a gallery wall! I have been investigating which styles, colors and even photos I should include in our gallery wall. Per usual, Pinterest is my go-to for inspiration so I wanted to share my thought process with you guys…in photos of course! Be sure to visit my actual Pinterest to see the details on each look, here.

These are all so gorgeous! Can’t wait to share with you how I decide to create our gallery wall! Coming soon!

Xx Jaqlyn