My readers,

If you’re on the East Coast like I am, then it is no surprise that the weather has been quite  unpleasant. Today of all days especially. The rain is down pouring and the wind is whipping making it sound like a tornado is happening outside of our apartment. Not only is this occurring in my neck of the woods, but it looks like L.A. is battling some unusual rainy weather as well, causing many residents to be flooded.

Cliché as it may seem, there is one thing most of us want to do when weather like this strikes. Curl up with a good book {in my case magazine} and relax. With that, I have provided you with some “reading nook” inspiration spaces to urge you to create your own cozy place you can escape to on days like today.

Key Pieces: Oversized blanket, huge comfy pillows, stylish light fixture, inviting chair


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Xx Jaqlyn