Birkenstock sandals. Whoaaa, wasn’t expecting that one to cycle back around so soon, but I must say they are better than ever. I had a very, I’ll say concerned, stigma about these sandals for years because all I ever used to see them in was that earthy brown color with the two straps. Laaammmeeee. But now, that style is old news. There are endlessssss colors, styles, and patterns to choose from. I’m talking flower designs (my personal fav), lace, suede, and vinyl materials, bright neon colors, thong style with cute studs and gems. They have become more versatile (thank goodness) so you can pair them with more than just your boyfriend fit jeans and a loose V-neck tee to go for that laid back, simple style we all strive to achieve some days. These slip-on sandals really have come a long way from those dull neutral colors that I would rather give to my grandmother to wear as bedtime slippers than sport with a summertime ensemble. Yeah, I said it.

Anyhow, just to show you guys what we’re working with when we shop for these sandals, I have included some great choices at all different ends of the price spectrum. They are caaauuutttteeee! Enjoy! And btw, don’t be scurred to dress yourself up with ’em a little bit.

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