Beachy Blues

Beach trips are almost coming to an undeniable halt and I can’t say that I am thrilled about it. The sun, sand and ocean waves have a way to soothe my soul  – way better than cold snow covered streets. This maxi was so much fun to strut around quaint little hidden alley’s in at the beach. I seriously don’t know how I’m going to give it up for boots and sweaters soon *sigh*. This look was all about a simplistic beauty. I didn’t go all out to achieve it. A dress, gladiators and some dainty jewelry…can’t forget my aviators!


Blue Simple Detail Maxi Dress (similar): Nordstrom

When I look at this maxi dress, I think g o r g e o u s. The material, the flow, the detail (just enough) is perfect. The cinched upper waist right under the chest is so comfortable. It forms the ideal silhouette. It is a.n.a, which is usually sold at JCPenny’s.


The embroidery is so beautiful. It has a certain flow to it and keeps your eye moving throughout the top of the dress.


What a unique detail. These diamond shape cut outs were actually what sold me this dress. I love a sleeve on a dress, but the fact that this wasn’t just a boring blue regular sleeve made it that much better. I can’t tell you how many compliments I get while frolicking around town wearing this.


Three Tiered Necklace (similar): BaubleBar

Over the weekend, my mom and I scoped out West Chester, Pennsylvania. That town was filled with so many special, peculiar boutiques. This three-tiered gold necklace was an awesome find and I can see it being one of my staple pieces of jewelry. Delicate and simple!



Aviators: Francesca’s 

Per usual, my aviators are my go-to sunglasses. I find myself reaching for these more than any other pair on the way out the door. They are comfortable and literally match with anything.

It’s obvious summer is ending, but be sure to make your summer wardrobe hang around for as long as possible, make as many beach trips as you can and stay tuned for what I have to share next week! Hint, hint: A very, very long road trip!

P/C: Amy Turrentine

xX Jaqlyn



Soft & Subtle

Fall is right around the corner. I honestly would love to fast forward to October. The weather will be a bit cooler, I’ll already be a month into my semester and fall styles will be in full swing.

Something about me — I’m impatient as anything so naturally I’m already beginning to creep into my fall clothes. Ahh, long sleeves and booties. Fall clothing is so versatile. You can mix and match anything you want. Cropped jeans with sweaters, long sleeved blouses tucked into high-waisted skirts and even something that may appear too lightweight for the cold days, but you just add layers to make it temperature appropriate!


Dark Wash Skinny Denim: Old Navy 

I own a lot of denim from Old Navy. Mostly because I found a fit there that I really like for my curves. These dark wash denim jeans come with a straight skinny ankle, but I cropped them according to my look. They are lightweight and comfortable. Pairing dark denim with a light colored top is a favorite combination of mine. It gives a sound contrast between the two.



Brown Booties (similar): JustFab

I did a trial membership with and found these! I think they are a great fall color and can be paired with so many different looks. They aren’t too busy, just the outside zipper that gives it a little detail. I’m already basically six foot tall, soooo I never wear a high heel. This height is about as tall as I will go.


I wish I could say that I wear these glasses to add to my accessories, but let’s be real. I’m pretty blind and I sorta, kinda need them. A plus? With outfits like this they really do flow nicely with the colors I am wearing. Don’t mind the RBF.


Felt Fedora Hat: South Moon Under 

Hats for days. Fall trends aren’t complete unless a hat is involved. I usually go for a hat that is a bit more plain, but I couldn’t resist 1) the sale price and 2) the detailed trim going around it. It’s just the right amount of color that I look for. Check that vintage ring. One of my favorites that I wear on rare occasions because the stone is so fragile.


Aster The Label Blouse: South Moon Under (no longer available)

This blouse. I was super, like wayyyy to excited to get this home to try on. I’m all about being real and honest with you guys, so I’ll let you in on how this went down: The shirt looks gorgeous on the hanger. I didn’t even try it on because it was my size AND it even looked more roomy than usual, buttttt I ended up sadly finding out that it is one of those shirts where the arms are small AF! I’m not hating on it because truthfully, I still LOVE the shirt. The color, the string tie detail and the material…everything but the fit in the arms. No worries though, I made it work!

P/C: Amy Turrentine

xX Jaqlyn

Sweet Summertime Style

Throughout summer, I usually find myself going for long maxi skirts or dresses. However, I was shopping around and found this cute white, barely above-the-knee dress. It is loose fitting, free flowing and perfect for the many heatwaves of August.


Patterns, fringe and many accessories. This ensemble is a bit more busy than what I go for, but I think it works! The fringe literally almost touches the ground which makes this super playful. It’s fun to walk around in as it just follows behind you.


Small Open Bangles (similar) : Francesca’s Boutique

I literally LOVE braids. Whenever you are having those days where taming your hair is not an option…all you have to do is a quick little braid number. Bam- you’re set. Helps keep you cool in the heat and they are simple!

P.S. – sorry to all of my people who are constantly nagged by me to do the pretty fancy braids that I have yet to master. You’re appreciated. I guess I should have some YouTube videos on repeat huh?


Fringe Kimono (similar): Target

My kimono is from Target. They no longer carry this pattern and color anymore so I gave a link to an even better one in my opinion. It’s black and it sure is a beauty. This piece is great to layer on top of anything since it’s more on the plain and simple side because it is so busy. I really like some of Target’s clothing because it is affordable and at times you can spot great finds like this.



Cat Eye Sunnies (similar): Asos

I’ve recently really started keeping track of my sunglasses and taking pride in my collection. You can see my creation on Insta. I’m notorious for carelessly misplacing them (whoops). These are the ideal cat eye shades that everyone needs to own. They’re a bit special because check it —- they are nude ombré! Love it.


Panama Hat: Forever 21

Another day, another hat. This straw panama hat is soooo comfortable. It’s pretty basic so it goes with almost any outfit. Some people feel that they can’t pull hats off, but I swear- don’t knock it until you try it.



Michael Kors Handbag (similar): Michael Kors

I got this bag for the fall season. The color is perfect for it. However, I made an exception to pull it out and use it for this outfit because it goes flawlessly with my shoes and jewelry. It holds SO MUCH stuff with sturdy straps and you can carry it on your shoulder or even in the crease of your arm like I am doing here.

You can shop what I am wearing with the links I provided and unfortunately I had to include some similar items because what I am wearing is no longer available.

P/C: Amy Turrentine


New Beginnings…

A year has passed since I first started this blog. In the beginning, I thought I had it all figured out. That I was just going to start this and do whatever I thought would be successful. I started out strong and it faded quickly. I read that is the most common mistakes with blogs. You give up. I lost interest because I made this blog about something that it shouldn’t have been, what everyone else wanted. WELL – this time around, one year later, I plan to stay true to my character with this blog, with my aesthetics and show you my style

Obviously, to kick this off & share how this is going to work – my first original post previews my everyday style (which you’ll be seeing plenty more of – weekly to be exact) I want to inspire and show women that fashion, style, creativity and beauty doesn’t always come in the form of a size 0. No gimmicks, no false realities. Just me being Overdressed & Opinionated. 


Black & White Stripe Boyfriend T-shirt: Old Navy

The 90s are back people (but a lot more chic this time around). The denim/tucked in t-shirt combo is hittin’ hard and I’ve found myself hearing some criticism about sporting the “mom look”. But hey, I like it! Old Navy is amazing when it comes to boyfriend tees. They have that loose, baggy fit when you don’t want skin tight clothes on those sticky summer days.


Black Floppy Hat: Forever 21

Black is a color that you will find me wearing often. This floppy hat from Forever is adorable. I usually pair it with maxi dresses, but decided to switch it up.


Black Handbag(similar): South Moon Under // Gold Cuff: Forever 21

South Moon Under has so many treasures. I could spend hours in there admiring everything. This crossbody bag is cute. It has the gold accents that I’m into right now to go with my gold jewelry. Perfect match.


Boyfriend Ripped Knee Crops (similar): American Eagle 

The Birks are back. These are the best shoes to wear for a super casual feel, but still wanting to keep on trend. Of course, mine are black to go with other pieces in my wardrobe, but seriously…there are endless styles and colors to suit whatever you like.


Aviator sunglasses: Francesca’s

P/C: Amy Turrentine


Comfy, Cozy, Stylish

Thanksgiving is now less than one week away. Is it bad that I have mentally skipped Turkey Day and already are plotting out presents, holiday outfits, and my Christmas card list? The temptation to select the Christmas Pandora station is coming on reallllll strong. BUT- I am going to force myself to put the thoughts of Jingle Bells on the back burner and focus on what the heck I am wearing to not only one, but TWO Thanksgiving dinners I am attending this year!

The first that comes to everyone’s mind when thinking about this holiday is of course food. Eating is the main priority here, if you don’t think so, you’ve been doing it wrong for your entire existence. Face it, we should all be consuming mass amounts of turkey, potatoes, stuffing, pies, and cakes. Sooooo do I want to be wearing anything form fitting or restraining? Probzzz not. Comfort is key while on the hunt for my outfit. Please do not automatically assume that means I’m throwing on yesterdays sweat pants and a big t-shirt. Um, no. There are so many more things you can wear that are fashionable AND pretty darn comfortable. Here are some options:

  1. Poncho – Get yourself one of these to make sure you can eat as many buttered rolls as you want. No one’s going to see your bloated belly in this babe. Poncho’s drape over your body and hang just the right way. Love ittttttt.


2. Sweater Dress – Throw on a pair of tights and some boots and you are good to go. The way this flares out at the hips is perfect. Light and airy with a side of pumpkin pie.


3. Oversized Cardigan – I must say, this is my personal favorite. I love an oversized anything. They are loose, comfortable, and move with your body. Add a plain t-shirt underneath with some leggings and head out the door! Simplicity at its finest.


4. Wide-Leg Culottes – These are just a chic, thoughtless choice. Show up to your dinner in these and you will most likely be the best dressed there. They don’t cling to anything and are just amazing amazing amazing. I would wear the lace up ballet flats with them. To. Die. For.


Welllll, I think I know what I’ll be wearing next week. Do you?!

All of these looks are available in the ‘Shop’ tab!

{Stay fab}

Frigid Finds

Soooo, I just returned from a much needed weekend getaway. Where did I go? Niagara Falls! It was definitely a great place to visit and now I can cross that one of the list. I have to admit- I DID NOT, I repeat, I DID NOT check the weather before packing and/or arriving. Let me just say a few choice things. BRISK. FRIGID. BLUSTERY. DAMP. All of these words describe what I was experiencing while wearing my mother’s extra coat for three days(although I did break down and buy a cheesy tourist sweatshirt, wow Jaqlyn). Lesson learned.

Let me add that while freezing my ass off for the majority of our trip I was pondering all of the cute, stylish outerwear I could have been sporting. There are amazing coat styles circulating around this season. I’m lovin’ it! Let me break a few of them down for ya!

You have your adorable bomber jacket that has a flare of edge. This def has to be paired with booties and cropped skinny jeans. Ummm, yeah cute. Then of course, the classic long trench coat. I can just see myself walking down the cobble stone streets of London with it floating behind me (ahhh, dreamy). Who has heard of the cocoon coat?? I’m kind of obsessed with them. You can find them pretty much at any major retailer right now. Go look…like right now…BUT- if you online shop and are over physically dragging yourself to a store, I provided pictures and links to all of these style jackets I’m rambling about. You’re welcome. By the way, don’t forget about a staple all of you should have in your closet. If you don’t, shame on you! The classic leather jacket. Black, brown, taupe, crimson, any earth tone-ish color they look gorgeoussss in. Personally, I enjoy the good ol’ fashion black leather jacket.

If you wanna be a cool, updated fashion person, go buy a jacket that is quilted. You’ll fit right in! They are the sh** I must say. I included a photo (and link of course) to one of my personal favorites. It’s a quilted, olive green parka. To. Die. For.

Thinking out loud, the majority of the trip I was wearing a poncho. No, not the cute fashionable ponchos. I’m talking a plastic, sticky Maid of the Mist poncho to keep me dry from the falls. Soooo, all in all no one would have witnessed my awesome outerwear under that monstrosity anyway. Ugh. Hey, at least I would have known my outfit was the underneath (yes, I just said that).






Visit the ‘Shop’ tab to visit the website these looks came from!

{Stay fab}

Long Time, No See

Okay, guys…So I know it has been quite some time since I have posted. I have been super, super busy though with summer ending and all (boo to that)! BUT- I have some pretty fantastic and exciting news. That is for me anyway. I have been accepted to intern with CollegeFashionista! I am beyond stoked!

Basically what this means is I will be roaming around my campus trying to find awesome Fashionista’s that are rad enough for me to take pics of and write about what they are wearing. My title is a Style Guru and I put together an awesome article about them and then it gets posted to This is definitely going to motivate me to go to class…just saying. The first day of classes was today and let me tell ya, there are definitely some awesome ensembles circulating around this year.

On another note, I was on vacation AND LOVING IT. Remember one of my other posts I said I was going to go explore the world? Well, Florida (even though it’s in the US) was stop number one. Also as I have stated before, I LOVE water. Soooooo this trip consisted mostly of that. I’ll include some pics so you all can vicariously pretend you were there. Hehe. It’s amazing to see how other people live. Where we visited, it was a lot slower and more laid back. They enjoy the simpler things in life. Anyway, stay tuned for my next trip planned for October 1st! I’ll reveal the location closer to that date.







{Stay fab}

Wait…They’re Back?!

Birkenstock sandals. Whoaaa, wasn’t expecting that one to cycle back around so soon, but I must say they are better than ever. I had a very, I’ll say concerned, stigma about these sandals for years because all I ever used to see them in was that earthy brown color with the two straps. Laaammmeeee. But now, that style is old news. There are endlessssss colors, styles, and patterns to choose from. I’m talking flower designs (my personal fav), lace, suede, and vinyl materials, bright neon colors, thong style with cute studs and gems. They have become more versatile (thank goodness) so you can pair them with more than just your boyfriend fit jeans and a loose V-neck tee to go for that laid back, simple style we all strive to achieve some days. These slip-on sandals really have come a long way from those dull neutral colors that I would rather give to my grandmother to wear as bedtime slippers than sport with a summertime ensemble. Yeah, I said it.

Anyhow, just to show you guys what we’re working with when we shop for these sandals, I have included some great choices at all different ends of the price spectrum. They are caaauuutttteeee! Enjoy! And btw, don’t be scurred to dress yourself up with ’em a little bit.

blog post 7 new pic 1 blog post 7 new pic 2 blog post 7 new pic 3 blog post 7 new pic 4 blog post 7 new pic 5

Visit the ‘Shop’ tab to check these out!

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Red, White, & Blue

It’s that time of year again. My absolute favorite holiday. I love everything about it. The pool party’s, barbeques, drinking festivities, and THEN… the sun goes down and it’s time for fireworks. Ever since I was a kid I have always been in love with the beautiful display that lit up the summer night sky. A feeling of happiness overcomes me and I can’t help but wish that those moments would last longer than well…..I think it’s about 15-20 minutes, right?

Fortunately this year, 4th of July falls on a Saturday and that means party’s all weekend and late nights! For me, it also means more amazing outfit opportunity’s. Of course everyone wants to be patriotic and what not and sport stars and stripes, but how about taking a different approach? Definitely have to incorporate red, white, and blue, but in a different way! Below I have included some really awesome choices that a few of my favorite stores offer. They still embrace our American heritage, but in my opinion, are a lottttttt more appealing. Don’t be afraid to accessorize with these either!

blog post 5 pic 2

blog post 5 pic 3  blog post 5 pic 6

blog post 5 pic 4

blog post 5 pic 5

Visit the ‘Shop’ tab and get these looks!

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Do you ever just sit and fantasize about all of the things you want to do and places you want to see? I often find my mind wandering off to all the possibilities this life holds for us. The people we have the chance to meet, the new experiences that can be made, the destinations we can travel to. So. Many. Opportunities. The thing is though, how many people really, truly, grasp this? Not a lot in my opinion.

I for one refuse to forget that we only have one life to live, and what you chose to do with it is totally and completely up to you. So on that note, I have made myself a promise. A promise that I will take that leap of courage and see new places, experience new cultures, and gain a new respect for this world that we live in. Within the year I plan to discover at least one new place I have never been. It will happen. How? Because I said so. Nah….just kidding, it’s really because I want it bad enough and I know with determination I can make it happen.

The list is pretty close to infinite of all of the cities, towns, and countries I want to set my sights on, BUTTT for the sake of you guys not reading a novel, I have included my top 5. As well as a few other inspiring reads on how to get yo butt out there and wanderlust! (Scroll over pic to see location)

blog post 4 pic 1 blog post 4 pic 2 blog post 4 pic 3 blog post 4 pic 4 blog post 4 pic 5

P.S. – Yes, most of these cities do contain water because clear blue water is another fav of mine.

Check these out! If you’re ballin’ on a budget like me-these are totally helpful! [ I aspire to be like these women ]

23- Year-Old is Living the Dream and Getting Paid to Travel the World

How to Travel the World When You’ve Got Absolutely No Money

How to Travel the World on a Budget

{Stay fab}