Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day means a little something different to everyone. It’s feared, dreaded, excited over and lusted about. We wonder what gifts and cards we’ll be showered and adorned with. What surprise is waiting around the corner. What happens if we try to put these things to the side and focus on why we celebrate Valentine’s Day to begin with? For love.

To help with this, I put together a few Valentine’s Day date ideas that could help you forget the bulls*** and commemorate your person as you should.

Dinner Date 

Nothing includes less thought than a simple dinner date. Get home from a long day at work, freshen up and go chow down at a romantic restaurant you’ve been wanting to try. OR you could hit up an old fav. Whatever you want! FYI: make dinner reservations ahead of time. Not the morning, day of; literally like a week or two before. Honestly, just before February 14th, because you will not get a seat unless ya take a trip to your local diner. Even then, it’s risky business.

Spontaneous Day Trip

Unfortunately, good ol’ Vday is on a Wednesday. Most of us will be busy working that corporate style job, but thankfully, that’s the beauty of the weekend. Either celebrate the weekend before or the weekend after by hitting the road and going somewhere local or maybe a few hours out of town that allows the two of you to spend some QT together. I’ve always dreamed of literally closing my eyes and placing my finger on a map and opening them to a surprise destination. Dan and I plan to give this a shot soon, so I’ll let you know how it goes when we finally do it!

Flip a Coin

One person comes up with one idea and the other person comes up with another! Don’t tell each other what the idea is until the coin has been flipped and lands on heads or tales. The catch is, you HAVE to do what the coin landed on. Dan and I are big coin flippers to make decisions (no major life choices are made this way, of course) but, I can’t tell you how many times I have talked my way out of what the coin landed on because in that split second when it hits the surface, I realized what I really wanted. BUT, this shouldn’t be the case here. It’s more fun to actually go with it!

Simple Night In

Life gets busy, it gets hectic and sometimes getting dolled up and going out just isn’t an option, especially on a week night. There’s nothing wrong with keeping things low key and ordering in some takeout and putting on a RomCom that gets you feeling all the feels about your significant other. Cuddle up on the couch and let each other know how special the night is with a cliche heart shaped box of chocolates. Can’t beat it!

Cook/Bake a Dish 

Sort of on the same token of a simple night in, you could also Pinterest your favorite “dream” recipes and give them a go on your cozy Wednesday Valentine’s evening in. Hit the market and get the ingredients, a bottle of wine and make it an experience for the books! No one ever said cooking had to be boring (although, you won’t catch me doing this). If you know me, you’re probably nodding along with that statement.

Host a Game Night

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be solely celebrated with only your partner. It’s not a crime to invite your coupled up friends over or even make it a more inclusive setting and invite your single people too! Have everyone bring a Valentine’s Day themed appetizer or dessert and host a super unique game night! You’re spending time with the people you love anddd it’s a little unorthodox, keeping things interesting.

On a conclusive note, let us not stress about gifts and extravagant outings or the need to please our significant others on Valentine’s Day. Instead, take it slow, enjoy each others company, listen, speak your feelings and cherish your person. My date ideas aren’t about getting fancy and hitting the town because honestly, when you slow things down and give any of the above a try, you love and learn so much more than you could have imagined.





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