There’s a First Time for Everything…

And…this is my very first blog post to share with you all. I will try to contain my excitement (somewhat anyway). There are a lot of “firsts” I am so eager to experience- skydiving, dog sledding, riding an elephant, going on a safari-the list is infinite. But, this…this is a first that I can share with you right now. I want to give my readers something fun and inspiring to read with this blog. Hopefully you can catch on to my sarcastic and nonchalant tone, but if not, hey I tried! Okay, okay, lets get to my very first topic I felt the urge to rant about on this beautiful 1st day of June.

After much debate, with myself of course, I decided to dedicate my first post to what I consider to be one of the most important aspects to any woman’s outfit. ACCESSORIES, yes accessories. Ahh, I can’t even begin to convey to you guys how much I believe a bracelet here or a hat there can make a difference. Not only in your outfit as a whole, but your confidence. Personally, accessorizing just completes me. Too dramatic? Maybe. Just to mention, not everyone accessorizes the same. Believe me, I have some friends who are on the same page as me and I’m like “Okay, you go girl!”, then I have a few who just don’t. That’s it, they just do not even attempt it. I mean…whatever floats your boat I guess. Some just prefer simplicity, some like to make just the right statement, and others…well, they may or may not go a bit overboard. But that’s none of my business…Here’s a few photos of my “go-to’s”!

forever 21 hatfrancescas earrings

 frans handbag 

lc midi rings

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{Stay fab}



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