Sweet Summertime Style

Throughout summer, I usually find myself going for long maxi skirts or dresses. However, I was shopping around and found this cute white, barely above-the-knee dress. It is loose fitting, free flowing and perfect for the many heatwaves of August.


Patterns, fringe and many accessories. This ensemble is a bit more busy than what I go for, but I think it works! The fringe literally almost touches the ground which makes this super playful. It’s fun to walk around in as it just follows behind you.


Small Open Bangles (similar) : Francesca’s Boutique

I literally LOVE braids. Whenever you are having those days where taming your hair is not an option…all you have to do is a quick little braid number. Bam- you’re set. Helps keep you cool in the heat and they are simple!

P.S. – sorry to all of my people who are constantly nagged by me to do the pretty fancy braids that I have yet to master. You’re appreciated. I guess I should have some YouTube videos on repeat huh?


Fringe Kimono (similar): Target

My kimono is from Target. They no longer carry this pattern and color anymore so I gave a link to an even better one in my opinion. It’s black and it sure is a beauty. This piece is great to layer on top of anything since it’s more on the plain and simple side because it is so busy. I really like some of Target’s clothing because it is affordable and at times you can spot great finds like this.



Cat Eye Sunnies (similar): Asos

I’ve recently really started keeping track of my sunglasses and taking pride in my collection. You can see my creation on Insta. I’m notorious for carelessly misplacing them (whoops). These are the ideal cat eye shades that everyone needs to own. They’re a bit special because check it —- they are nude ombré! Love it.


Panama Hat: Forever 21

Another day, another hat. This straw panama hat is soooo comfortable. It’s pretty basic so it goes with almost any outfit. Some people feel that they can’t pull hats off, but I swear- don’t knock it until you try it.



Michael Kors Handbag (similar): Michael Kors

I got this bag for the fall season. The color is perfect for it. However, I made an exception to pull it out and use it for this outfit because it goes flawlessly with my shoes and jewelry. It holds SO MUCH stuff with sturdy straps and you can carry it on your shoulder or even in the crease of your arm like I am doing here.

You can shop what I am wearing with the links I provided and unfortunately I had to include some similar items because what I am wearing is no longer available.

P/C: Amy Turrentine



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