Striped with a Bold Lip

I’m sitting at my desk thinking about how it’s already the second week of January. Just a few short weeks ago we were all franticly shopping for holiday presents and traveling too see beloved family and friends. It’s funny how quickly things change, don’t you think? Now, our time is geared toward resolving goals and aspirations for the New Year while giving it our all at a more prosperous, healthier and successful next 11 1/2 months. Quick reminder: You’ve got this.

One thing I plan on enhancing for 2018 is to mix up my style a bit. As of late, well actually it’s probably been about the last 8 months or so, I’ve been getting a little lazy with my outfits and going more for the “casual comfort” appeal rather than my quintessential¬†overdressed¬†look. I find that I have so many amazing ideas for what I could pull off in my head, but when it comes to taking the plunge, I’ve been gravitating toward the relaxed vibes instead of stepping into a more curated look that I originally planned. I know other people have got to have this same problem! It’s a small rut, and I’m here announcing that I’m getting out of it!

Baby steps right? This sweater is certainly a baby step. I haven’t been wearing anything really patterned for quite sometime. I’ll admit, patterns aren’t much of my thing, but I think I can swing some stripes. I can’t convey enough to you through typing this blog post just how soft it is. Literally, it fits like a dream with the crew neckline and knit material. To say the least, it is definitely a new favorite of mine.

I topped it off with a faux leather jacket and a pair of dark sunglasses to keep with my dark and moody aesthetic for the look (nothing new, here). Of course, I am wearing denim…also nothing new. These have a high-rise fit and the destroyed look is goooodddd because it is actually lined behind each distress. Perfect for the cold temps! I wanted to keep this outfit as casual inspiration for something you can wear on the go, while running errands or whatever you do while you’re out and about so Vans instead of sleek, black booties just felt right.

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