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Fall is right around the corner. I honestly would love to fast forward to October. The weather will be a bit cooler, I’ll already be a month into my semester and fall styles will be in full swing.

Something about me — I’m impatient as anything so naturally I’m already beginning to creep into my fall clothes. Ahh, long sleeves and booties. Fall clothing is so versatile. You can mix and match anything you want. Cropped jeans with sweaters, long sleeved blouses tucked into high-waisted skirts and even something that may appear too lightweight for the cold days, but you just add layers to make it temperature appropriate!


Dark Wash Skinny Denim: Old Navy 

I own a lot of denim from Old Navy. Mostly because I found a fit there that I really like for my curves. These dark wash denim jeans come with a straight skinny ankle, but I cropped them according to my look. They are lightweight and comfortable. Pairing dark denim with a light colored top is a favorite combination of mine. It gives a sound contrast between the two.



Brown Booties (similar): JustFab

I did a trial membership with and found these! I think they are a great fall color and can be paired with so many different looks. They aren’t too busy, just the outside zipper that gives it a little detail. I’m already basically six foot tall, soooo I never wear a high heel. This height is about as tall as I will go.


I wish I could say that I wear these glasses to add to my accessories, but let’s be real. I’m pretty blind and I sorta, kinda need them. A plus? With outfits like this they really do flow nicely with the colors I am wearing. Don’t mind the RBF.


Felt Fedora Hat: South Moon Under 

Hats for days. Fall trends aren’t complete unless a hat is involved. I usually go for a hat that is a bit more plain, but I couldn’t resist 1) the sale price and 2) the detailed trim going around it. It’s just the right amount of color that I look for. Check that vintage ring. One of my favorites that I wear on rare occasions because the stone is so fragile.


Aster The Label Blouse: South Moon Under (no longer available)

This blouse. I was super, like wayyyy to excited to get this home to try on. I’m all about being real and honest with you guys, so I’ll let you in on how this went down: The shirt looks gorgeous on the hanger. I didn’t even try it on because it was my size AND it even looked more roomy than usual, buttttt I ended up sadly finding out that it is one of those shirts where the arms are small AF! I’m not hating on it because truthfully, I still LOVE the shirt. The color, the string tie detail and the material…everything but the fit in the arms. No worries though, I made it work!

P/C: Amy Turrentine

xX Jaqlyn


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