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Right now in the world of fashion, fall style is everything. We are currently in that weird in between stage where boots and beanies are too much and just short sleeve shirts leave you needing something more. It’s a time where you get to mix and match and pull all of these amazing pieces together to make one bomb ass outfit that you feel your personal best it. In hopes of doing just that very thing, I played around with a few new trends I’ve been spotting amongst fellow fashion lovers…


Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans: Old Navy

I recently posted an Instagram photo of three pairs of Old Navy denim jeans that I bought. They were just $12 for each of them! That is unheard of. I was so excited about that sale that I think I pretty much told everyone I know, let alone broadcast it via social media. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…I love all of my Old Navy jeans. They have so many styles and variations, literally for any body type, shape and size. This pair in particular are skinny fitted that sit mid-rise in a basic medium wash. Super casual to help dial down the formality of my blouse.


Button-Down Cold Shoulder Blouse: Macy’s 

Speaking of my blouse, this is a piece that I picked up to work NYFW. Black of course was the color of choice for that entire 7 days. This shirt has great detail to it. I love the collar because it adds a touch of business casual, but at the same time like I mentioned, can be easily dressed down. The cold shoulder cutouts are gorgeous to keep this outfit playful. Check it…I was trying out the latest fall trend with this one: tucking one side of a button-down shirt into your pants and leaving the other side hanging loosely. Honestly, I really enjoy the look of it, but I was walking around wondering if people thought I didn’t realize my shirt was like that (oh well). Give it a try!



Round Sunglasses with Brow Bar: Nordstrom

Pulled out the black and gold shades for this look because I love the subtle accent it gave my outfit. Sometimes, less is more and one special piece can pull an entire look together.



Violet Ray Handbag: Francesca’s (similar)

I honestly really love this handbag. I don’t quite use it enough and for no good reason. It’s small and simple, but the powder blue color with the vibrant gold chain makes it perfect. Francesca’s is notorious for carrying unique clutches, crossbody’s and totes. I can’t see myself using it too much longer though because fall has finally arrived and with that comes new color schemes! Who doesn’t love a nice deep fall tone?


Velvet Pointed Toe Ballet Flats: Old Navy (similar here)

I would chose a pointed toe ballet flat anyyyyy day over a round toe ballet flat. They are so much more attractive (in my opinion of course). The fact that this black flat has a velvet navy toe makes it that much more special. I love myself a good flat! P.S. – Velvet is on trend too!

I have so many fall favorites. There aren’t enough of those chilly, cloudy leaf falling days for me to possibly ever wear everything I would like to. Boooo to that.

On a lighter note, in a few weeks I will be posting about a gorgeous dress from Rent the Runway. Stay tuned, because she’s a beaut!

Xx Jaqlyn


P/C: Amy Turrentine


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