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As the summer is now in full swing, stores and online shopping baskets will begin to overflow with swimsuits of various colors, patterns, and styles. Every season I take notice to the current fad that will dictate the realm of the bathing suit world until the next comes through. One year it’s the most revealing string bikini you can find and the next designers are getting creatively brave with two toned tops and high wasted bottoms (some things just never go out of style). However, right now, it’s all about the one-piece.

I can’t say that I’m mad about it either. It’s a breath of fresh air. A one-piece swimsuit doesn’t necessarily mean you want to ‘hide’ your body or cover it up. It actually opens up more room for self expression; a way to express your personal image or style while still catching some warm rays and a cool breeze at the beach. The one-piece styles that are being introduced this season are like no other. They are detailed, daring, impressive, and above all – eye catching. I encourage you to stray away from your old reliable duo and give the born again one-piece suit a try! Below are a few of my favorites that are all available this season. They range in price.

blog post 2 pic  2

blog post 2 pic 6

blog post 2 last pic

Interested in any of the above? Visit the ‘Shop’ tab!

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  1. June 2, 2015 / 8:32 pm

    Omg I absolutely love that white one!! I clicked on it in your “shop” tab & it’s not a bad price either 🙂 Happy college graduation to me?

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