Right now, fringe is everything. It’s on shoes, it’s on handbags, kimonos, dresses, skirts, tanks, tops, jewelry. Okay, ya get the point… I hope. It adds a little somethin’ extra. When I think of fringe, I mentally break it down into three categories.

You have your biker b%&#$ fringe. Not the kind where you have to walk into a bar off of Sons of Anarchy and see everyone draped in leather, bandanas, and tassels. Yeah, no. I’m talking the kind that just is “inspired” by these kind of people…It’s a more rough around the edges and rebellious type of look. More than likely it will be paired with black apparel and/or leather boots that incorporate it somehow.

Next you have your modern-day hippie fringe. This stuff you see everywhereeee. Since wanting to dress like a bohemian princess is sorta the thing now days, this kind of fringe is found on light and flowy apparel. I think it even helps add a more whimsical feel to whatever it is attached to because it just falls whichever way your body is going and has constant rhythm.

Last, but as you know, not least, we have the good ol’ American Indian fringe. Personally, I think this is the less popular of the two, but I still see it occasionally incorporated into fashion. You can find this fringe on things like short camel colored booties or on the trim of oversized darker colored shawls like the one pictured below.

I totally think this trend is fun and adds detail and spunk to what otherwise could be boring. (Nobody likes to be boring, right?)

 Btw. Obsessed with this bag

blog post 3 pic 1

blog post 3 pic 2

blog post 3 pic 3

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