Frigid Finds

Soooo, I just returned from a much needed weekend getaway. Where did I go? Niagara Falls! It was definitely a great place to visit and now I can cross that one of the list. I have to admit- I DID NOT, I repeat, I DID NOT check the weather before packing and/or arriving. Let me just say a few choice things. BRISK. FRIGID. BLUSTERY. DAMP. All of these words describe what I was experiencing while wearing my mother’s extra coat for three days(although I did break down and buy a cheesy tourist sweatshirt, wow Jaqlyn). Lesson learned.

Let me add that while freezing my ass off for the majority of our trip I was pondering all of the cute, stylish outerwear I could have been sporting. There are amazing coat styles circulating around this season. I’m lovin’ it! Let me break a few of them down for ya!

You have your adorable bomber jacket that has a flare of edge. This def has to be paired with booties and cropped skinny jeans. Ummm, yeah cute. Then of course, the classic long trench coat. I can just see myself walking down the cobble stone streets of London with it floating behind me (ahhh, dreamy). Who has heard of the cocoon coat?? I’m kind of obsessed with them. You can find them pretty much at any major retailer right now. Go look…like right now…BUT- if you online shop and are over physically dragging yourself to a store, I provided pictures and links to all of these style jackets I’m rambling about. You’re welcome. By the way, don’t forget about a staple all of you should have in your closet. If you don’t, shame on you! The classic leather jacket. Black, brown, taupe, crimson, any earth tone-ish color they look gorgeoussss in. Personally, I enjoy the good ol’ fashion black leather jacket.

If you wanna be a cool, updated fashion person, go buy a jacket that is quilted. You’ll fit right in! They are the sh** I must say. I included a photo (and link of course) to one of my personal favorites. It’s a quilted, olive green parka. To. Die. For.

Thinking out loud, the majority of the trip I was wearing a poncho. No, not the cute fashionable ponchos. I’m talking a plastic, sticky Maid of the Mist poncho to keep me dry from the falls. Soooo, all in all no one would have witnessed my awesome outerwear under that monstrosity anyway. Ugh. Hey, at least I would have known my outfit was the underneath (yes, I just said that).






Visit the ‘Shop’ tab to visit the website these looks came from!

{Stay fab}


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