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Thanksgiving is now less than one week away. Is it bad that I have mentally skipped Turkey Day and already are plotting out presents, holiday outfits, and my Christmas card list? The temptation to select the Christmas Pandora station is coming on reallllll strong. BUT- I am going to force myself to put the thoughts of Jingle Bells on the back burner and focus on what the heck I am wearing to not only one, but TWO Thanksgiving dinners I am attending this year!

The first that comes to everyone’s mind when thinking about this holiday is of course food. Eating is the main priority here, if you don’t think so, you’ve been doing it wrong for your entire existence. Face it, we should all be consuming mass amounts of turkey, potatoes, stuffing, pies, and cakes. Sooooo do I want to be wearing anything form fitting or restraining? Probzzz not. Comfort is key while on the hunt for my outfit. Please do not automatically assume that means I’m throwing on yesterdays sweat pants and a big t-shirt. Um, no. There are so many more things you can wear that are fashionable AND pretty darn comfortable. Here are some options:

  1. Poncho – Get yourself one of these to make sure you can eat as many buttered rolls as you want. No one’s going to see your bloated belly in this babe. Poncho’s drape over your body and hang just the right way. Love ittttttt.


2. Sweater Dress – Throw on a pair of tights and some boots and you are good to go. The way this flares out at the hips is perfect. Light and airy with a side of pumpkin pie.


3. Oversized Cardigan – I must say, this is my personal favorite. I love an oversized anything. They are loose, comfortable, and move with your body. Add a plain t-shirt underneath with some leggings and head out the door! Simplicity at its finest.


4. Wide-Leg Culottes – These are just a chic, thoughtless choice. Show up to your dinner in these and you will most likely be the best dressed there. They don’t cling to anything and are just amazing amazing amazing. I would wear the lace up ballet flats with them. To. Die. For.


Welllll, I think I know what I’ll be wearing next week. Do you?!

All of these looks are available in the ‘Shop’ tab!

{Stay fab}


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