Blacked Out in a Winter Wonderland

Dan and I had the best time playing in the snow and shooting some looks the other day. We decided to venture to Old Newcastle and honestly I had forgotten how beautiful it was there. The snow covered trees and streets couldn’t have done a better job of enhancing its quaint, historic vibes.

On another note, who doesn’t love an all black outfit? The contrast of this look against the bright white snow is everythingggg. Honestly, I think every time it snows, I’m just going to wear only black because it pops SO good!

Yet another chenille sweater for the win, paired with black straight legged denim and ankle booties. I decided to throw on a Nike ball cap for the sake of keeping my hair in a somewhat decent shape, sort of concerned as to what element it would throw though. Turns out it worked out great – just the casual accessory pulling it all together.

My oversized coat is very cozy and warm (duh, isn’t that what coats are for?). While it doesn’t suit my “all black” look, I felt it was a nice substitute for my long black, blazer style coat. The camel color broke up the look a little bit. I have to say, dressing for the fall and especially winter is my absolute favorite. I get to wear all of the dark, moody earthy colors I could ever dream of and layer multiple pieces together for a more versatile look. What is your favorite color to wear this time of year?

Xx Jaqlyn

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  1. Debbie Sweetman
    January 3, 2018 / 6:05 pm

    I love to wear blacks and reds this time of year. Love the pics In The snow.

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