Black & White

The first official week of fall semester has come & gone. I went into this year telling myself that it’ll fly by. So far, it’s dragging already.

One major thing I’ve noticed this past week- athleisure is at its all time high. I was one of the few that actually put effort into my “first day of school” outfit. I was surrounded by a sea full of lululemon leggings and fitted Nike tanks…topping it off with a UD baseball cap. Don’t get me wrong, I am one of those girls some days too (usually getting questioned by my family if I’m going to workout…). On the first day of classes though? Nopeeeeee. 

I decided to go with a classic black & white look. Of course throwing some of my sarcastic charm in there with this graphic tee. The twisted knot tied to the side makes this simplistic shirt not appear so dull. Gives it a little something. This look is clean, sleek and easygoing. Anyone can achieve it with some staple pieces you probably have lying around right now.



Black Denim: Old Navy

Old Navy denim is amazing. They provide so many different styles and fits for any body type you can think of. These are the Mid-rise Rockstar fit, with a skinny leg. You can messily roll them up into a cropped ankle to keep with your effortless look.


Black Chelsea Booties: Crown Vintage

I love these booties because like I’ve mentioned before, I enjoy a smaller size heel. This gives just enough height to where I’m not towering over everyone. Plus, they are comfortable. Scoreeeee. I do most of my shoe shopping at DSW. They offer a lot of wide fit shoes (flat feet problems). This is where you can find these.


Black Rampage Backpack: Macy’s

This backpack by Rampage is perfect for any fall back to school look. Truthfully, I plan on using it when I’m not in school too. It has gold accents and comes with decorative gold pins that you can place anywhere on your bag. If you lift the flap up, it has a tight drawstring closure on it so everything stays secure. Something really neat I like about it is the perforated pockets. It’s a unique detail. The best part- this bag is originally $84.00 and is on sale for $44.99. Deal or no deal?…Deal! 


This tee is extra special. It was made for me by my boyfriend’s talented mom! She creates products using vinyl and the results are always adorable. I believe they sell similar ones at Target, here.


Bangles. I’ve been on an antique shopping, flea market, vintage boutique spree lately. To my surprise, I keep finding some really wonderful things (as to why I keep going back for more). Example…these vintage gold bangles (costume of course). They are so lightweight, but I just throw them on with almost anything and it’s an instant enhancer. I like to keep my clothing choices minimal, but dress my outfit up with accessories. Accessories are what make an outfit in my opinion.


Aviators: Francesca’s // Dark Lip: MAC


Typically, wearing my favorite shades from Francesca’s.

This lip color is new and I haven’t tried it before, but sets a nice dark tone and it’s ideal for fall. It is called “Sin” and can be purchased at MAC. My only downfall was that wearing it out in the heat, a little smudging happened. It’s a normal lipstick, not a matte, so you will need to reapply here and there. No biggie!

Your classic black and white combo never fades. These two colors are the staples in the world of fashion. Don’t be hesitant to pull some pieces from your current wardrobe and just try putting them together to see what you get! You might be pleasantly surprised. Throw on some of your favorite accessories and call it a day. Gold works sooo flawlessly with black and white, btw.

P.S. Stay tuned for where I will  be headed this coming week. (Hint, hint…fashion + apples).

Xx Jaqlyn


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