Jaqlyn is the author of Overdressed & Opinionated. O&O is a platform that she curated so she can bridge her love of fashion and writing. Jaqlyn began her blog during her junior year of college while studying Fashion Merchandising at the University of Delaware. It started and is still a place where she presents her take on curvy style inspiration, favorite beauty products/tips and of course, essential takeaways on this remarkable journey of, life.
Apart from her obvious love of fashion, Jaqlyn is passionate about animal welfare, skincare (specifically face masking), caring/worrying about the state of the environment and obsessive compulsive list making! She is also newly engaged to her wonderful fiancé, Dan and has two fur children, Tilley (a rather large, part Siamese cat) and Tripp (a goofy, rescue who believes he is a lapdog). With that, please sit back and enjoy what Overdressed & Opinionated has to offer!